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ForeverHomeFriends.com is devoted to a group of friends who grew up and went to school together, most of us from birth or early childhood. Regardless of where we now live, our "forever home" was and is Westboro, Massachusetts, not as it is now, but as it was the way we remember it. It was our safe haven, our shelter from the storms of life.

Westboro (we preferred the spelling without the ugh on the end) was a small town with a fairly large rural land area and a relatively stable population. Very few people moved in or out. Many families had been there for generations. We knew not just our friends, but their parents, grandparents, siblings, and often extended families. It was a friendly community where nearly everyone turned out for school sports events, plays, concerts, parades, and other community celebrations. Typically, everyone knew everyone else and everyone else's business. But they were happy days with great memories that we cling to many years later as most of us spread our wings and moved to locations all across the United States and Canada, perhaps even to other countries. We are trying to find each other again, to reconnect, to discover what life is like now for each of us, and to fondly remember what it was then.

By the time we graduated from Westboro High School in 19__, oh, dear, do we really need to say what year that was? That would enable everyone to figure out how young we are as opposed to how young we feel. So, as I was saying, there were 77 of us who finally graduated together, although there were a few others who either left for private schools or somehow did not graduate with us but whom we still consider true friends and classmates. We encourage all of you to get in touch because we truly care about you and about what life is like for you these days.

Out of respect for individual privacy, we will use first names and last initials. We all know who we are, and we may choose not to be found by Google or other search engines and not to get on mailing lists where unscrupulous people send that dreadful stuff that came in a tin can that was considered edible by some who never tried it. I remember having to eat it perhaps once a week when I went to Camp Wabunaki in Maine as a child. The label said SPAM. What a great name! It finally has a life of its own, but we don't want any here, thanks.

My name is Ruth K, and I volunteered for the job of trying to get this website up and running. Remember, I was your Yearbook Co-Editor, along with Sookie (Sookie, where are you? ... aha! it worked! we found you!), and also Editor of our high school magazine called the Oriel. But I can't do this job alone. Its success depends entirely on your participation, and we encourage all of you to get in touch. You can reach me by email at webmaster@foreverhomefriends.com.

As this website progresses, ideally, we would like to have a separate profile page for each friend, with whatever information and photos you would like to include. Please see Profiles.

John E has started a separate secure website to keep a list of real names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and individual info which each class member may voluntarily provide. You may access this website at WHS63.info but it is password protected beyond the first page to keep private information private.

The Reunion Committee is finalizing plans for the big reunion in 2013. It is important to find all of you so that everyone who wants to attend has all the pertinent information.

Classmates is a list of lost and found. If you can help locate someone, please let us know.

Trivia used to be part of this page, which was getting too long, so it is now on a page by itself.

Profiles explains how you can get your own page on this website. From that page, you may view the section of profiles already completed.

Please take a deep breath and view the
Gallery. This will continue to evolve over time as more photos become available. Oh, and don't miss the Music We Loved page!

There is a
Forum where all of you can post messages or respond to posts made by others. Please feel free to add your comments. Just click the link and it will open in a new window, while keeping this page open as well.

Guest Book is also available. All website visitors are encouraged to sign the Guest Book, but we feel that the Forum should be limited to posts by classmates, members of other close classes, and old friends from Westboro only.

Please Note: The photo at the top of the page is of our kindergarten class, which was held at the Community House in Westboro. It is from the large collection of photos owned by Catherine Elberfeld, our wonderful high school librarian and friend, and provided courtesy of her son and our classmate John (thank you!). To see larger versions of this photo, which will each open in a new window, click on each of these links:
Medium Large Huge and if you know for sure who someone is (we have already identified most), send John or me an email. We will eventually publish the list of names.

To make sure you are seeing the latest updates to any page, hold down the shift key while hitting Refresh or Reload in your web browser. The last revision date appears at the bottom of each page.

Please Note: This may be the last revision to this website. Many of you seemed to be very excited when it all began more than four years ago, but the enthusiasm appears to have vanished. Everyone had the opportunity to participate by creating his or her own Profile page, but painfully few did. Even the Forum has seen very little activity in over a year. I feel that I have been kept in the dark for a very long time and am no longer inspired to continue this time-consuming project. So, I am saying farewell.

This website started 1/26/09
Last updated 3/14/13



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