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For those of you who have not been in Westboro for a long time, there have been many changes. Our quaint little town has become a metropolis, complete with new streets and massive homes, shopping centers, commercial and industrial buildings, a University of Phoenix campus, and unbelievable traffic jams. Perhaps the biggest shock is the demolition of Bay State Abrasives, once the largest employer in town, and construction of a huge new complex of stores, apartments, condominiums and more on the old site.

Fortunately for us, Leigh E still lives in Westboro and is a Selectman, so she can provide much current information about the town and its people. The photos on this page, available in just one size, were sent by Bob P who took his wife and two grandchildren on a recent tour of Westboro. He writes: "I have been communicating with Leigh re this area. Apparently 80% of the land at Bay State could not be used due to toxic contamination issues. What you see in the pictures is on only 20% of that total property." This complex is behind the old Bay State Building where many of us went to first grade, the Community House where we went to kindergarten, and Dacey's Diner (no further description needed!).



















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