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John E took some wonderful photos of our old school buildings while he was in Westboro to attend the first reunion planning committee meeting in August. Some of these buildings are no longer schools but now have alternate uses, such as the old Forbes building where we attended 7th grade is now the Town Offices and Police Station. These photos should bring back a lot of memories. (Thank you, John.)

Community Center

The Community House where many of us attended kindergarten.

Harvey School

The Harvey School

Eli Whitney School

The Eli Whitney School

Eli Whitney Boys Entrance

The Eli Whitney School Boys Entrance

Armstrong Elementary

The Armstrong Elementary School

Forbes Municipal Building

The original High School, then Junior High School, now Forbes Municipal Building

Forbes Municipal Building Side

Same building as above. Remember the sock hops in the gym downstairs?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Remembering Our High School

Westboro High School as we remember it. It was brand new when we were in 8th grade.
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High School Cafeteria

Our old High School Cafeteria (and venue for study halls, dances, college board exams, and more)


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