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I left Westborough to attend the University of Connecticut College of Pharmacy. This did not work; courses in invertebrate zoology, marketing, accounting, and advertising were not what I expected. I bounced around colleges for a few years and finally received a degree from Westfield State College in 1968.

I was hired by the Gardner, Massachusetts public school system in 1968 to teach physics. I obtained my MS degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1972. I taught physics at Gardner High School and was science department chair until 2003 when I took early retirement. During those years I also taught physics and chemistry at Mount Wachusett Community College.

Life was tranquil with teaching and spending summers on Martha's Vineyard. My dad died in 1982 and my mother left Westborough and moved to the Vineyard year round. My sister and her family moved to Florida in about 1990.


Here is a recent photo. I think all my chins are present.


Ellen and I married in 1974. She was an RN at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (now Brigham and Women's) in Boston. Ellen is a graduate of Fitchburg State College but was originally from Maine. We lived in Boxborough for three years before buying our home in Gardner. Ellen taught in the Nursing program at Mount Wachusett Community College for twelve years before moving on to the Simonds-Sinon Cancer Center at Burbank Hospital in Fitchburg. She retired in 2005.


My wife Ellen and me at a tavern in downtown Gardner on Election Night 2008.
I had worked for a local State Rep.


Along the way, we had two wonderful children: Laura is 30 and is an attorney in Boston; Michael is 29 and is an attorney in Washington, DC. Laura was married two years ago. Michael was married in March of this year. Both married attorneys.

Raising children in Gardner was very satisfying; everyone knew who they were and kept a close eye on them. There was Little League softball and baseball, summer drama, computer, and tennis camps at the Community College. The Vineyard offered nature camps, sailing camps, and the ever-present figure skating for Laura. Laura has retired from competitive skating and is now a USFSA (United States Figure Skating Association) judge.

Most vacations were on the Vineyard or in Maine, but we have traveled through France and England numerous times. There have been occasional trips to locales here in the US. All fun.


Clockwise from bottom left, son-in-law Eric, daughter Laura, daughter-in-law Tiffany, son Michael, my wife Ellen, and me. We were at Jacob Wirth Restaurant in Boston.

Pursuits and interests include cooking, gardening, reading, and crossword puzzles. I have been a competition official for the United States Figure Skating Association for many years. I work mostly in the New England area but occasionally get to travel outside the region - Charleston, Dallas, Colorado Springs, Cleveland, etc. Some assignments are better than others. Watch for me on TV. Look for the bald guy at the end of the judges' stand sitting in front of a computer screen.


My trusty assistant accountant Samantha and I were doing the scoring in the accounting room at Dartmouth College skating rink for the 2007 Intercollegiate Skating Championships (four colleges each from Pacific, Midwest, and Eastern sections competed).

This is the Accounting crew at this year's National Championship at the Quicken Arena in Cleveland.


I am not a judge; I am what is referred to as an "Accountant." (We do not handle money - we would spend it on software and wine if they gave us any).  We are given lists of skaters by division; we do seeding, draws, flights and put them all into the computer. We print and sort scoring sheets for the judges. At the end of an event, the judges' sheets come back to us and we compute and post the results. I just did the National Championships (the Big Show) in Cleveland, where we post the results on the Jumbotron in the arena and send the results out to the NBC trailer and the commentators (Scott Hamilton) for national broadcast. Nationals is big time. I usually do local stuff on a small scale.

Also, watch for me on TV in the Spring of 2009. I will be featured on "The History Detectives" on PBS.




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